Forster Company has extensive experience in the refining and petrochemical industry. Our refining and petrochemical services include the following:

  • Upgrades, revamps and modifications of process systems and plant facilities
  • Energy efficiency studies and designs
  • Process controls upgrades
  • Detail design of new modified process system from licensed process processors packages
  • Flare systems studies and upgrades
  • Product blending, loading and storage systems
  • Power system design and treatment

The Forster Company is currently engaged in developing oil and gas properties in western Africa. Centered in the crude oil-producing regions of Nigeria, these proposed projects are in various stages of development, but each such project has been in the planning stage for one or more years. At the top of the list of proposed developments is a 100,000 barrel per day oil exporting refinery. As part of The Forster Company's lead role in several of the proposed developments, the Company will be responsible for arranging the financing, supervising the construction and managing in perpetuity the operations of the refinery. In other such projects, the Company, with local partners, will own the refinery outright.

Each of these proposed projects represents a long-term capital investment and financial commitment on the part of The Forster Company in Nigeria and western Africa and is an outgrowth of earlier construction project development in the region that relies heavily on the expertise in construction management and financing cultivated over many years in the United States.