Forster Company Inc. provides full Resident Engineering inspection services (complete team of engineers and construction inspectors), or assists you with your construction management needs by providing experienced construction technicians on site to monitor the construction of transportation projects. From state-of-the-art concrete segmental cable-stayed bridges to small roadway rehabilitation projects depending on your needs. 
The mission of the Forster Company’s Construction Inspection Division is to provide quality inspection to ensure a completed project built in accordance to the plans and specifications. These services include:
Nondestructive Examination/Welding Consultation
Inspection of Materials
Verifying the accuracy of dimensions, levels, elevations
Examining workmanship
Interpreting blueprints and specs for compliance with regulations
Recording quantities of materials received or used
Concrete strength testing, mix design, and evaluation 
Concrete batch plant inspection 
Asphalt batch plant and pavement construction inspection 

Nondestructive Examination Technique (NDE)