Site planning and location of structures for Samuel K. Doe Housing Estate Monrovia Liberia. A 200 acres housing estate for low and middle income families work includes the planning of Roads, sewage, water supply, Drainage, and other infrastructural facilities 1st phase cost approximately $ 12million USD.

Site survey and design of structures Roads and Earthworks for Senge polytechnic school Cape Cape Mount Country Liberia. - 40 acre site Development which includes classrooms Dormitories Living quarters, halls, and play ground within a hilly terrain.

Design and Construction Supervision of the JB Macritty Building Monrovia Liberia.
This Includes, Banking facilities, and other underground structures

Design and Construction Supervision World Bank funded Monrovia Water
Improvement Program Comprising of 8 projects made of Raw Water Transmission line, Hydro Electric Penstock Intake Works, Booster Pumping Stations, transmission mains, well drilling, Reservoir Rehabilitation Works, Urban poor water supply schemes and pilot studies for funding and Sustenance.

Feasibility studies, design and Direct construction Supervision of 16km-300mm p.v.c transmission main Robertsfield Highway Water Transmission Main Monrovia Liberia.

Studies and design for the rehabilitation of jetties and oil pipelines, Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, Monrovia.

Feasibility studies for up-grading Liberia's mining railways for multi-purpose use.

Feasibility studies for sitting of cement packaging plant, canning industry and steel mill. Monrovia, Liberia.

Co-coordinator World Bank funded Liberia Water Sewerage cooperation (LWSC) Tariff Study covering the Capital city of Monrovia and 10 major towns in Liberia.

Freetown Water Distribution Study which include Collection of Data of flow, pressure pipe Characteristics, water demand patterns, for the entire Freetown distribution Network, including Reservoirs pumping stations etc for computer modeling of the Network.

Preparation and evaluation, international funding documents for World Bank, European Union, Islamic Development Board, African Development Bank funded projects in Buildings and Public Infrastructure in Sierra Leone.

Consultant: World Bank funded (20yrs) Freetown Water supply Master Plan Studies
Involving Water Source investigations, transmission Main's, Service Reservoirs, Pumping Stations, Evaluation of state of repairs of Existing Dams, weirs, etc Distribution network Extension to Developing settlements also team leader environmental impact analysis for the Study.